Boriss Mejías


I'm a holistic system software engineer, PostgreSQL consultant and trainer, free software activist, and headbanger. I have been working with PostgreSQL since version 9.1. First, as part of my job related to other projects, and now with full dedication since I joined 2ndQuadrant in 2017. I have a background as teaching-assistant and researcher on self-managing distributed systems, and I have presented in different conferences. In open source, I have contributed to the Mozart-Oz programming language and Alfresco communities. In 2018 I have started the PostgreSQL User Group in Belgium.

Talk Description: Declarative Table Partitioning - What do I need it for?

Table partitioning has been supported in PostgreSQL since many years as a design pattern of table inheritance. Since PostgreSQL version 10, there is support for declarative table partitioning. The new features of declarative partitioning included in PostgreSQL 11 represent an important improvement in its ease of use, and the use cases that are now covered. In this talk, we will review with concrete examples why you would benefit from table partitioning, how to use declarative partitioning, and what are the implications of taking some decisions when designing the schema.

Talk Description: Replication, where things just work but you don't know how

Having a replicated environment is very common nowadays. So common that PostgreSQL configuration settings for replication are active by default. But when it's so common, people starts to forget how it works and what to do when the system start presenting failures. In this talk we will review the main concepts behind physical streaming replication, how to monitor it, how some settings affect it, what to do in case of failure and some interesting tips and tricks. We will also explore the differences with logical replication, and what are the advantages, challenges and risks of multi-master architecture.