Hans-Jürgen Schönig


Hans-Jürgen Schönig has written various books dealing with PostgreSQL and he has been in professional PostgreSQL business (https://www.cybertec-postgresql.com) since the year 2000. we provide PostgreSQL services along with training and PostgreSQL related services

Closing Keynote

PostgreSQL support: 20 years fighting in the trenches As a professional support companies a lot of stuff drops in on a daily basis. To make sure that people don’t have to repeat the same mistakes over and over again this talks presents a “best of Cybertec support” and shows some of the most common, most funny and most interest cases we had over the years.

Talk Description: Fixing common performance problems

Many people are suffering from performance problems, which can easily be fixed by a systematic approach. This talks gives an overview of the most important aspects of performance, which have to be taken into account to make your database performance great again.