Gaby Schilders & Sebastiaan Mannem


Gaby Schilders is the Sales Engineer Benelux and Sebastiaan Mannem is Sr Consultant EMEA, both for EDB

Opening Keynote: The future of persistent databases in an agile world

On how to fit a square peg into a round hole

Data is the lifeblood of an organisation and keeping data consistent and reliably available a persistent need for any organisation. The world of Agile, Dev/Ops and containerisation was never meant for persistent workloads such as the central database stores now housed in classic RDBMS stores. This talk goes into the the challenges, opportunities and the developments on both sides of this equation by taking you through the past, present and future developments. The aim is to take away the sense of dread that this brave new world may cause to those running a business or responsible for RDBMS in your organisation, at least if you are running (EDB) Postgres, and to give you insight into what the coming years will bring.