Jan Karremans


Database technologist, working with people and organizations to maximize their potential in a data centric world. Postgres, Kubernetes and Cloud Native advocate. Oracle ACE Alumni, member of the database community!

Opening Keynote: Riding the second wave - Open Source for relational databases

Open Source software solutions are nothing new. Free – as in freedom – software was introduced almost immediately after software and hardware got separated, in the ’50 of the last century.

We see a surge in the adoption of Open Source, especially as more complex systems get introduced as open solutions. This presentation discusses the various “waves” we can observe in Open Source solutions and how they actually interact. Many of today’s disruptive developments are powered by Open Source solutions and by being fully aware of this, we can harness the full power of Open Source.

How do databases fit in this equation? How do relational databases fit in this equation specifically? How do relatively new technologies like Cloud influence the way we adopt and work with open source, and specifically, how do we retain the "free as in freedom" in this context? Interesting questions in today’s world, from all angles, such as business, operations, development.

Join this talk and get more insight into the wonderful world of data storage, data processing and information delivery!