Boriss Mejías


I'm a holistic system software engineer, PostgreSQL solution architect at EDB, air guitar player and headbanger. I got my PhD researching distributed self-managing systems and I have been working with PostgreSQL since version 9.1. In 2018 I started the PostgreSQL User Group in Belgium. I have presented in many conferences in academia, open source, and Postgres. I think knowledge sharing is an important part of contributing to the PostgreSQL community.

Keynote: EDB Postgres Distributed for Extreme High Availability

Every day we see new projects requesting higher levels of fault tolerance, better protection, no maintenance windows, and geo-redundant access. EDB Postgres Distributed (PGD), with an architecture based on multiple writable-nodes with bi-directional replication, offers failovers below 10 seconds and switchover below the 300 milliseconds, providing extreme high-availability. EDB PGD also offers rolling upgrades, achieving major software actualizations with nearly-zero downtime. In this talk we will review the components and concepts that make EDB PGD possible, understanding its possibilities and challenges.

Talk Description: Should I use JSON in PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL has great support for JSON, adding post-relational support to our most loved relational database. In this talk, we will review with concrete examples frequently asked questions about JSON usage in PostgreSQL. The goal is to extract usage patterns, and also to understand when to use and when not to use the JSON in PostgreSQL. We also see the implications of using indexes with JSON objects.

In this talk I will explain when to use JSON in a relational database, and when not to use it. Then, I will try to answer frequently asked questions by developers about the usage of JSON in PostgreSQL. Several of the questions are taken from Stack Overflow.