Dirk Krautschick


Dirk Krautschick works as a sales engineer with EDB. As a graduate computer scientist he was the responsible database administrator for a provider of optimization software in the aviation sector for 9 years building up his expertise in the operation of application servers and PostgreSQL and Oracle databases. In 2017, Dirk started a new challenge in consulting and uses his skills and enthusiasm for database technologies in various customer projects. To continuously deepen his knowledge and to share own practical experiences he tries to contribute to the community with talks and articles as often as possible. Since 2022 he committed himself 100% to PostgreSQL and joined EDB.

Talk Description: Pro-Active performance analysis in PostgreSQL

An everyday task of database administrators is the analysis of performance problems. Often it is just not possible to focus on a specific fine-grained SQL statement. Most of the time the problems are reported in a state-oriented and imprecise manner. If the problem cannot simply be reproduced, preventive monitoring and analysis options must be used. For this purpose, Oracle databases for example are offering with the "Diagnostic Pack" a nice kit of tools and features for analysing such problems. With the current trend migrating Oracle databases to PostgreSQL, the question arises again and again if there are equivalent possibilities with PostgreSQL. This lecture shows how and with which tools or extensions PostgreSQL can preventively prepare for performance problems and what the conceptual approach of the analysis is in practice. Of course we are happy to discuss all of this at the end of this session.