Pavlo Golub


Pavlo is a PostgreSQL expert and developer at Cybertec, working with postgres for {{ CURRENT_YEAR - 2002 }} years. 🐘

Talk Description: Professional PostgreSQL monitoring made easy

The talk firstly introduces all pertinent levels of database monitoring and then focuses on PostgreSQL and the means it provides. The meaning and importance of key metrics will be explained. As the Postgres community has already developed a lot of tools in that area, some popular common options will be highlighted together with the problems that different monitoring approaches have. To overcome some of these problems a new Open Source tool from Cybertec, called pgwatch2, is introduced and explained in detail to offer the simplest possibly entry into exhaustive Postgres monitoring. Also discussed will be advanced topics like anomaly detection and alerting, which can be easily implemented on top of the underlying data tier (TimescaleDB) with the help of the TICK stack or Grafana.