Franck Pachot


Franck is a Developer Advocate for YugabyteDB, an open-source distributed SQL database compatible with Postgres. With 25 years of experience in database consulting for development and operations teams, Franck actively engages with conferences, writes articles, and participates in social media to continuously learn and share his knowledge. He is recognized as an Oracle Certified Master and an AWS Data Hero.

Talk Description: A PostgreSQL fork for horizontal scalability: YugabyteDB

YugabyteDB is a PostgreSQL fork enhanced to scale horizontally using a Spanner-like storage and transaction architecture. We will highlight its strengths, high availability, and elasticity and compare and contrast it with PostgreSQL by investigating where distributed storage fits into the Postgres code. We will emphasize analyzing the architectural aspects and underlying mechanisms used for storage, data replication, and ACID transactions to determine the use cases and whether or not it can be a viable alternative.