Gianni Ciolli


I worked many years at 2ndQuadrant; in 2020 it was acquired by EDB, where I now work as the Vice President, Practice Lead High Availability, providing technical leadership internally and to customers. Before that, I worked at the University of Florence as a researcher in Mathematics, using Free Software since 1997. I have been a board member of the Italian PostgreSQL User Group (ITPUG); I helped organising the first European PGDay in Prato, Italy (2008) and many editions of the the Italian PGDay. I am an author of several editions of the PostgreSQL Administration Cookbook.

Talk Description: Trusted Postgres Architect

Trusted Postgres Architect (TPA) was published as open source in 2023 after almost a decade of internal development and usage within 2ndQuadrant and EDB.

It is an orchestration tool that uses Ansible to deploy Postgres clusters, using a declarative approach.

While the defaults implement recommendations and best practices collected during years of customer services, TPA is heavily configurable and presents a number of hooks, to cover a vast range of use cases.

In this presentation we will describe, with a few examples, how TPA can help you implement important functions such as testing, deployment, debugging, development, etc. in your organization.