Priyanka Chatterjee


I am a Database Enthusiast. I live in Berlin, Germany and I am working as a Database Engineer at Schwarz IT(Parent company of Lidl and Kaufland).I am part of the Stackit(Cloud) Postgres Database team. In the past I have worked as Database Admin/Engineer for several other companies like AWS, Groupon, Adjust etc. I have worked with other database engines but Postgres is my favourite.

Talk Description: Pg_largeobject, when Vacuum is not enough

All large objects in Postgres are stored in a single system table named pg_largeobject. Each large object also has an entry in the system table pg_largeobject_metadata. Non superusers can use pg_largeobject_metadata but they cannot access pg_largeobject table. In a recent customer case, we found that the pg_largeobject table was growing very fast and vacuum full was not releasing disk space even when the customer claimed that they deleted the reference tables. To resolve this issue we need Vacuumlo. Vacuumlo is a client side utility. In this talk we will discuss: what vacuumlo does, Vacuumlo options, demo and a brief look at lo module.