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This day is all about PostgreSQL - the world's most advanced open source database. Take the opportunity to meet with other people interested in PostgreSQL in Belgium. Beside the talks we offer the chance to network during the day. The event is suitable for everybody, from first-time users, students, to experts and from clerks to decision-makers. Within the description of each talk the target audience will be mentioned.

Financial Disclosure

The sponsorship is used to organize the conference, host the website or other to support PostgreSQL in Belgium. No staff receives any payment for their work, except for free attendance and a staff dinner. We will keep an overview of transactions with descriptions on the pgconf-be wiki Expenses of pgconf.be are covered with the income from our sponsors and from the registration fees. We aim at keeping costs for both parties as low as possible and include free entries for students in order to enable as many interested people as possible to attend. Profits are reinvested in the next year's edition of pgconf.be or Belgian PostgreSQL user community activities related to PostgreSQL.


The idea is to create a single track conference with a focus on high quality talks in a open environment. It will be the first conference of this kind in Belgium, ie the topic. "PGConf", "PGDay", "Postgres Conference" and "PostgreSQL Conference" are registered trademarks of PostgreSQL Europe.

Code of conduct

The PostgreSQL community is an open community but should any situation or question arise, the Code of Conduct for this conference is described here. You can contact a unaffected member of the staff in case of a complaint.

Venue and partner

UCLL is the host that accomodates and facilitates the conference.

17 May





Vik Fearing



Stefan Fercot



Marco Huygen



Ilya Kosmodemiansky


Data Egret

Thijs Lemmens



Boriss Mejías



Joren Oris



Hans-Jürgen Schönig



Tomas Vondra

Czech Republic


Registrations are open (also today)

Register here

The registration is handled by https://international.ucll.be with a different look and feel. Depending on settings of the receiving mail server you should receive a notification mail of the submitted values within a day. This notification mail is the proof that you registered. Attendance is free, but you have to register, the number attendants is limited to 100.

If you wish to unregister, reply to the notification mail by preference or let us know with literally the subject 'Elephant lost in space'.

If you don't receive a notification mail within 24hours after registering, contact us with literally the subject 'Where is the Elephant' for confirmation. You are most likely registered as shown after submitting with the registration form, but the email just didn't get through or was filtered out by a spamfilter.

You can also register today 17/5/2019 directly at the reception desk in the venue<\p>


We offer 2 levels of sponsorship, this means gold(1000), platinum(2000). You are free to hand out what you want; but keep climatechange in mind, we don't want to create more uneccessary waste, so think from a sustainable perspective. The logo of the sponsor will appear on the website in the appropiate category. Sponsorship is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Gold(max 4): logo on the website + stand. Platinum(max 2): logo on the website + stand + keynote speaker.

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Event FAQs


Free for speakers, helping hands and students. There is no attendance fee as such for participants, but you are required to register.

Like a dba, or optionally, only if you have to, like a developer. No seriously, there is no dress code. Clean and non-offensive clothing in which you feel comfortable is fine.
Feel free to contact us, the response might take some time though

Call for Speakers

Are you a PostgreSQL user or developer or does your company use PostgreSQL? We are happy to hear about your project, your experiences (good and bad), or any topic of interest around PostgreSQL that grabbed your attention. A session lasts between 30-60 minutes including questions. Tell us about your proposal. Submit a duration, title and an abstract; if you already have a presentation, send that as well. Include a short text about you and your relation to PostgreSQL. Mail your submission to the talk selection committee with literally the subject 'I love Elephants'. Confirmed speakers will get free access to the conference (including lunch).
The talk selection committee and program committee consists of W. Bertels (UCLL), A. Vercammen(Groep IDEWE) and G. Gioffredi (EURid).

The deadline for proposals is closed, the deadline was April 16th.

Event Location

Leuven - Haasrode
Campus Proximus - UCLL
Geldenaaksebaan 335
3001 Heverlee
General Phone: +32 16 375 300
Dutch directions